5-21-23 Trip to the Wilderness

Hello. This is a piece of art to document a Trip to the Wilderness I undertook May 21, 2023. This was a journey of healing. I hope this speaks to you something helpful in your journey of healing.

With Love,
Richard Joshua

Viewing Time: ~10 Min. Please view with intention.


The Iniquity of our Forefathers



Pay Attention. Your Attention is Priceless.

Something in the Dirt. Same title as the 2022 film.

Two takeaways informed by the film:

1. If you do not assert your boundaries, others will not respect them, either because they do not know what they are, or because they intend not to. Inform the former, protect yourself against the latter.

2. What you believe about yourself comes true… choose your beliefs carefully.

Purity of Conscience. Therein lies Mystical Power.

Left to Right

  1. Big Expressionless Kid
  2. Man Looking Back
  3. Happy Man


Monkey Prophet

Every prophet is a monkey, just like you. Trust your Inner Wisdom.
Monkey Gaining Consciousness
Ape Reaching for God

You entered this world through a curtain into the Act of Life. Participate in this cosmic event fully. Disidentify from others’ perception of you. Explore and illuminate What You Are.

There will be moments of exquisite pain, even horror. Maintain careful focus in these moments. Carry yourself as the powerful character you are. Maintain connection with breath. Stay present.

Pain is a wrestling with God. Face God in this challenge and secrets will be revealed to you. Be a wise steward of this knowledge.

Grow your depth of feeling. Feeling is one of our greatest gifts.

Withhold judgment. Observe.

Move through space with great care. Patience is key.

Transmute Fear into Love.

Train the Mind and Body to Reach New Heights
LABYRINTH. Learn to navigate the labyrinth of your mind.

ANTS. Ants operate on a few basic rules. Out of these basic rules, arises incredible complexity.

Family is the Vessel of Life
You are Nothing

You are Everything

You are Beautiful


©2023 Richard Joshua Contreras-Rodriguez